Magic Kingdom is really MAGICAL

On November 2, 2009 my grandparents, my daughter and I started our voyage to Magic Kingdom on the hotel bus. Right before the bus arrived my grandmother told me that my #1 MOM charm I was wearing was very pretty. She then went on to tell me that she usually did not wear any jewelry to the parks in case she lost it. I did not think anything of it we got on the bus and then when we arrived to the Parking Lot we decided to take the Ferry to the park. Everything seemed to be great. My daughter was in awe at the sights and sounds and the excitement of going to Disney World. So was I, because I have not been there in a long time. We got off the Ferry and went through the ticket counter and then the bag check and while I went through the bag check I took my daughter off my shoulders and I must have ripped my necklace off and did not notice it we went on like nothing happened.


We entered the park and then the first ride we went on was the Train it was so fun. My daughter was so excited. When we arrived at the final destination I started to walk out and my necklace came off my neck. I totally freaked out. It was broken and the charm was gone. I froze for a minute and my grandfather said come on we are blocking people. I said Oh my god my necklace charm is gone. He did not know what was happening. I went back up to the train and tried to look but there was nothing. The Cast Member there said maybe by the end of the day someone will turn it in to Lost and Found. She said check then. I really was getting upset. This was the first #1 MOM charm for my first Mother’s Day and I NEVER take it off. I was devastated. I asked a few more Cast Members about where the Lost and Found was and they told me something about City Hall. I had no idea where City Hall was.


Throughout the day I was texting my husband all upset that this had happened. Also texted my dad and he said try to have fun. I also was looking online for all kinds of information about where the Lost and Found was. There was helpful information online and phone numbers but they were for things lost for more than a day. Apparently what happens is that during the day the parks have a Lost and Found but then the next day the Lost item gets transferred to a central Lost and Found for all parks.


At some point I started to have fun again but was still upset. We waited on lines and I would try to grab for the charm and it was not there. We saw Mickey, Minnie and more characters. Then in the evening we wanted to eat dinner by the entrance of the park and then watch the early LIGHTS parade. It was getting dark and I still did not know where City Hall was and I think my grandparents were getting annoyed that I thought I would find my charm there. We finished dinner and found a spot for the parade and I noticed a sign for City Hall two buildings away. I thought to myself why not give it a try. I told my grandparents to watch my daughter and I would run over there. I think they thought I was CRAZY!


I arrived at City Hall, waited on line and when it was my turn I almost could not talk because I was upset. I explained what my charm looked like and told her it was #1 MOM. The Cast Member told me to hold on and she disappeared behind the door. I thought to myself… she is going to find it I know she is. This is Disney World the magical place. A few minutes went by and then she appeared through the door with a little bag saying I could only find this. Is this it? She holds up the little plastic bag and YES IT WAS IT! I could not believe it. I started crying hysterically. She started to tear up too. Now someone found it and they are supposed to write on the form where they found it and who found it but there was nothing on the form. No one filled it out. I could not thank the person who found it or I do not know where it was found but I was SO EXCITED AT THIS MAGICAL PLACE! I signed off on the property to say it was mine and left to go show my grandparents. I think they were amazed. I even posted a Facebook status about it and my friends were also astonished at the story. I truly am thankful for whoever found it and turned it in at the truly MAGICAL PLACE called the Magic Kingdom. This will be the most memorable trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

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