Fill Your Mouth with Food Until You Choke!

Well yesterday my 6 year old daughter came home and told me that one of her friends made her choke. I asked her how and she told me this friend told her to fill her mouth with food and told her not to stop otherwise she wouldn’t be my daughter’s friend anymore. Really I asked. She said yes and she wouldn’t let me stop cause she told me that she wouldn’t be my friend anymore and I really want her to be my friend! I was flabbergasted by the fact that my daughter let someone control what she did by dangling whether or not they would be her friend.


I was bullied growing up and dealt with terrible girls and boys from 4th grade to 12th grade. My daughter is in 1st grade. I want to teach her to stand up to people like this and maybe they are not worthy of being her friend. It is hard for me to determine what to do. I don’t want to call the mother of the friend that did this but I also do not want this to happen again. I told my daughter to never do something that will hurt her whether or not someone threatens to not be her friend. Either they will be her friend or not and it’s not going to be because she shoved food in her mouth until she choked. Thank goodness she didn’t inhale a piece of the food and really choked where she needed the heimlich maneuver or for the school to call 911.


What would you do?

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