Go to the Dermatologist and get a new haircut to improve your career! WHAT??!!??!!

So this month I have been trying to work on improving myself and working on my leadership skills. I decided to go to dinner with someone I know and would think of as a mentor and this person told me that I should go to a dermatologist to get my skin cleared up with I wanted to advance my career. He didn’t say it in so many words but that is how I interpreted it. I am 37 will be 38 in two weeks, and still have acne and I am forever concerned with the pimples and I try to cover it up. I do not always do it so successfully though. The other thing he said was I should get a new haircut. I understand that my hair is frizzy and curly but lots of people like it and compliment me often. I guess though it is a little more crazy then it should be if I want to advance my career. Seriously!?!?!?! I was taking in all of the suggestions but those two suggestions have been baffled. So it just confirms that this world is all about beauty and no brains. I may not be a goddess but that should not stop me from advancing my career and professional leadership in an organization.

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