Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)

Last year my daughter was coughing for almost 7 months straight. We had been to the Emergency Room 3 times and the doctor more times than you can count. I decided to look into alternative medicine. I was speaking to the director at my daughter’s daycare and she told me about acupuncture for kids with allergies and acid reflux. My daughter was diagnosed with Asthma and Acid Reflux so I was willing to try anything. We decided to go to and see what they had to say. I decided to call my parents to come with me so they could see what it was all about also.


We arrived and a nice Acupuncturist named Adam helped us and explained the technique that he thought was going to help my daughter. He was going to use Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) He went through a battery of tests with my daughter. She had to sit on my lap and hold different allergens and then her muscle reaction would travel through my body (yes I know crazy) and I would react to muscle reflex while Adam would push down on my arm. He correctly identified all of her allergies and some more. He also noted that there were issues with her digestive abilities. He decided to begin treatment and we went for a few months. I think it helped although very strange it is something that you should consider.  Although she was on other medicines, we have seen measureable improvement. With children they do acupressure and she gets treated directly and there is vibration stimulation on certain points while also stimulating points on the patients back (exciting the nervous system to realize it should not be allergic to the allergens). It is noninvasive and there seems to be a reduction in allergy symptoms.


I decided to also go and get treatment I have seen measureable improvement and actually I went for a headache I was having that had lasted more than 40 days and the night I had it done on the way home the Headache went away. It was like a miracle. As I said I am not a doctor I am just sharing my personal experiences and I found that someone should have an open mind to alternative medicine.

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