School Picture Day

What happened to the importance of looking nice on picture day? I remember when I was growing up it was the one day that most of the class tried to be clean, unwrinkled and neatly dressed.


This year at my daughters school her class had picture day and I thought that the children in the class dressed like it was just any other day. One child had his jeans rolled up, one had some play hard t-shirt on, and another just wore regular clothes. One other girl in her class sort of dressed up but still was in pants but it was a nice pants outfit.


I thought that picture day at school was that one sacred day where the kids dressed up. I remember dressing up in skirts or dresses when I was younger. What happened? Is it because no one ever wears anything fancy anymore because it will just get ruined anyway? I guess it is up to everyone’s personal opinion and they do what they want to do. I just thought it was supposed to be the day that everyone looked nice and dressed up a little. What do you think?

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