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Hello everyone! My name is Dawn. I live with my beautiful daughter born in 2005 and wonderful husband married in 1999. I decided to start a blog to share some of my “MOMMY” experiences with everyone. I am by no means a mommy expert, financial expert and I am definitely not a medical expert. The information I am sharing on my blog is only for personal use and should not be taken as financial advice, diagnosis or medical advice. On my blog I will also talk about new ventures for me, hobbies and other things that may not be directly related to being a mommy but you may find them useful.

I work full-time and so does my husband. I work at a college and my husband works in the sport industry as a wholesale distributor. My daughter attends nursery school on the campus where I work and I even get to join her and her little friends for lunch a few times a week. I thoroughly enjoy sitting with her at the little tables listening to her interact with her friends.

I can’t cook and I can’t always keep the house clean but I try my hardest to do the best for my daughter and my family although that does not always show. I work really hard at my job and hopefully one day my family can be in a situation to buy the house of our dreams.

Anyway thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope to share information to all of you and also learn more from your comments.

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