The Case of the Red Hiney

So yesterday on the way home from work I needed to get a birthday gift for one of my daughter’s little friends and I had a coupon for JC Penney. We decided to stop by and quickly get some gifts and I promised my daughter that I would get her a Pretzel Dog at Pretzel Time and she said she wanted some fruit punch. I thought nothing of it and got her what she wanted because she was hungry and if she wants a hot dog I am all for it.


We walked to the car and she finished the hot dog and she wanted the fruit punch. I gave it to her in her car seat. I told her to be careful but you know that any 5 year is usually not careful. She saw that the cup had those little bubble things that you can press down to say whether it was diet or regular or other. She decided it would be a good time to press them down and then try to pick up the cup from the lid. What a big mistake! She ended up spilling it all over her clothes and I was in the middle of driving on Sunrise Highway not able to really stop and clean it up. We were almost home so I told her when we get home we can change her clothes.


Well when we arrived home she took off her pants and told me her underwear was red. I said ok her are new pants and underwear. No worries we will take a tubby tonight and clean up any remnents on you. Little did I know that the fruit punch had completely stained her hiney. Yes that’s right her hiney. You know how fruit punch turns your tongue, lips and above your mouth red, well apparently it is notorious for turning everything red. Her whole hiney was all red and the creases where her underwear was were still white like her skin. I could not believe it. My husband and I were cracking up laughing and so was my daughter. I wanted to take a picture and the only way she would let me was she told me “Mommy you better not post it to Facebook!” Can you believe that she was telling me not to post it to Facebook? She was so embarrassed that she did not even want me to say anything but I just had to share this funny experience with everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the funny laugh about the Red Hiney!

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