Are you Buying A Brand New House?

I am writing this from personal experience and just so people know what happened to me and can try not to have it happen to them. In 2007 I decided to take a job in Connecticut and my husband and I decided to build a brand new house. Everything was going fine my husband had the time to make all the customized selections because I was at a new job and he was working from our rented apartment. We would visit a few times and see the progress. We tool pictures. My daughter and I would walk around looking at all the rooms and go into her room and she actually was so excited to have a pink room.

Then the bad even happened. Apparently the builder left the basement sliding glass door open and some vandals broke in. They decided to set the house on fire in numerous rooms. It turns out one of the neighbors was up tending to their child in the middle of the night and they called 911. We found out that morning and quickly rushed to the scene to find a burnt mess. Thank goodness we did not close on the house yet but we were still under contract so we needed to speak with the builder to find out our options. We were supposed to close in 13 days. I was devastated! My daughter was so upset we had to tell her the house had a boo boo and that her pink room was black with soot.

We ended up meeting with the builder and he gave us some options. He informed us that he did not have insurance and he self insured. This means he had to use his own money to make the repairs. We turned down the offer to get a discount on the house because we wanted a new house. We ended up getting out of the contract.

Later we found out that apparently the builder had to sell collections of coins and other collectable to make the repairs. We went to see how the repairs looked and it was not the same house. We decided to get out of dodge because of numerous reasons all stemming from this event.

The moral of the story is if you are building a brand new home make sure there is appropriate security in the house and make sure the builder is adequately insured or can cover the cost of repairs.

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