First Day of Kindergarten

So today was the first day of Kindergarten for my daughter. It was chaos. We arrived at the school to be told that we could not walk her into the classroom and to wait for the teacher to come and get her. There were other parents with their children there also. Then another teacher came out and said we can’t wait there but today it is ok. Then the greeter at the front desk said we can’t wait there. We were then told to walk around the back of the building to go through the walker door. We went around the back and they took her in and it seemed like they shoved her in line and started to walk her away from us without us saying goodbye or giving kisses.


I was getting a little emotional at lunch time and tried to figure out a way that I could check on her. I called the district and asked and they called the teacher and I got the message that everything was great she is having a great day. Ok that made me feel great. She is doing fine no problems.


Then about 2:45pm I got a phone call from the school thank goodness I had my cell phone on me. The person on the other end told me that Gabriella has a letter stating that she is going to be a walker and that she should not go on the bus and instead be released and be able to walk home. EXXCCCUUUUSSSEEEE MEEEEEEE! Are you kidding? If you saw where I lived compared to the school you would have freaked like I did. I said “NO I GAVE HER A NOTE AND EMAILED THE TEACHER TO BRING HER TO AFTER CARE!” The note stated that she should NOT be put on the bus and instead be released to After Care. Now I am freaking out if they let her go walk this would mean at 3:15 she would be released and I am 45 minutes away. Now if any of you know where I live you would know why I got so upset. The school is on the other side of a MAJOR highway that you cannot cross by foot (obviously) and you would have to walk through a bunch of side roads over, down a major road, an overpass and then about a mile down the service road with oncoming traffic. YOU KNOW I WOULD NOT EVEN WALK HOME FROM THAT SCHOOL! So I called the After Care and they got it all squared away and went down to the teacher’s classroom and informed her of the details and I felt better then.


So then it is time to get there to go pick her up. There is traffic but I get there on time without a problem. I have to show ID because the Director does not know me. This is fine. I get to go in the Cafeteria to make sure I get everything and pick her up. When I walked outside the school my daugher tole me that she had a terrible day. The teacher did not let her play, she did not let any of the children play. There was no fun like the Pre-K and Nursery School. She told me all she did was circle time, coloring outside time and lunch and that was it. They could not play with the Kitchen PlaySet Area or the Play-Doh. She only got to see one of her friends for a few minutes outside. At lunch time they are only allowed to sit with their class (which is fine except Gabriella has a friend in another classroom). She told me she does not want to go back and hates it. She wants to go back to the Farmingdale Children’s Center. At the Children’s Center she told me she could be an artist and they have such cool arts and crafts that they can do. At the Farmingdale Children’s Center she can learn and have fun at the same time. She can play with the dressup and play areas. She wants to go back to the Children’s Center. She misses Miss Marissa, Miss Kathy, Miss Nicole and all the other teachers that made her time at the Children’s Center to great!


What a disappointing day for me. I was hoping to hear how excited she was about going back and instead I got this. Oh well. Hopefully the FUN DAYS at Tutor Time will be better this Thursday and Friday!

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