Pre-K Transition to Kindergarten

The transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten was really taking a toll on my husband and I. It was crazy. My daughter, every morning made it a crazy task to get her ready to go to school. She cried and had a temper tantrum everyday. It was so bad that I went to the teacher to find out if there was a problem in the classroom. The teacher was so sweet and nice and explained that when my daughter gets into the classroom from Before Care that she is perfect and interacts and has fun all day. It was so upsetting to see my daughter this way. It was so difficult that I continued to see the teacher almost everyday to discuss options to help with this transition. She was never like this except on the first day of day care.

The teacher decided it would be best that we create a communication log that would act as a way for me to know what my daughters favorite part of the day was. It was important that we focus on the favorite part of the day rather than asking “How was your day?” This communication log helped a little but never 100%.

Then I decided it was time to make a major change and I asked my boss if I could coordinate having my daughter take the bus instead of going to Before Care and she approved. This would mean I could come in late everyday and wait for the bus with her. On December 1st we decided to have her take the bus for the first time and from that point on there were no more transition issues, no more crying and everything was FABULOUS about going to school. It was a little miracle for us. Who would have thought that letting our daughter take the bus would solve the transition issue and now she loves going to school!

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