Wean Green Baby Food Containers

As Wean Green Cubesa result of this Blog a company that creates glass baby food containers contacted me and asked if I had wanted a free sample and then to write a review on my blog. I answered the offer with an “Of Course” however I do not make my own baby food. However I do pack small size cut up fruit for my daughter and give it to her for lunches and these would be perfect size containers.

The company is http://weangreen.com/. They were very nice to offer me the free samples. Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing parents with safe and environmental baby products that fit into every parent’s diaper bag. They research environmentally friendly, modern, and unique baby products.
Eco friendly glass containers with colorful covers. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to get anything that is useful and free.

They arrived at my house and I thought they are indeed perfect size when I pack blueberries and cut up strawberries for my daughter and if I was a mom who made baby food they were perfect for that also. They are glass containers with plastic clip on covers. The glass container went through the break test. I know this because I dropped it on my kitchen floor and it did not break, so I was relieved. The size is perfect for small servings almost exactly the same as 1 serving baby food jar. The containers are easily handled, stackable and easy to clean. The one problem that I found with them is that the plastic clippable covers did not last very long and the clip on one of them broke of in 3 uses. I understand that they want to make sure they are air tight and want the clippable lid however with bending it to open and then bending it to close it must not have been worthy of the wear and tear although very minimal. I was very disappointed because I would have replaced all of the containers I use in my household with them but now after realizing that they do not withstand the opening and closing more than a few times I would prefer to stay with the Rubbermaid 7J55 Easy Find Lid Square 1/2-Cup Food Storage Container, 2 pack
that I have been using which can be found at Amazon by following the link above.

Did anyone else get the free samples? Did anyone else have the same problem that I did?

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