The World of Teacher’s

As a friend of mine put it on a recent Facebook comment on my wall “Gabriella hasn’t won the teacher lottery, now has she?” It seems I need to figure out what the problem is quickly or we might be cursed to repeat last year’s experience with the Kindergarten Teacher.


It all started last school year when her real Kindergarten Teacher came back from maternity leave in January.  I did not get the opportunity to brief her on the activities that transpired in the Fall and the transition issues because I did not think it was necessary. In the 4 months following Gabriella continued to be doing well however in conversations that we had with her she explained that her teacher yells at her often and yells at the class. I thought that maybe it was some transitional issues again because of a new teacher and there were some incidences of yellow lights or red lights (behavior punishments in the school district she is in). Also I did not think anything major of it because there were times that Gabriella’s actions might have warranted stern speech because she is very nosy and tells other children what to do how to do it and that they are doing it wrong. In addition I just assumed that since it was a new teacher that the students might not be listening because they were used to listening to the first teacher. However as the months went on Gabriella continued to tell me about this yelling.


Then on 5/5 Gabriella came to me and said that her tummy was hurting and if her tummy hurt does that mean she can stay home from school. She was pointing to her chest when she told me this and she said it hurt when she breathed. I was concerned at that point with whether there might be a real health issue or an issue in the classroom. I decided to call the teacher and speak with her and also bring Gabriella to the Doctor. I understand that getting a phone call like that might be a surprise and may put a teacher on the defensive however I needed to find out if my daughter was sick or had a problem with something in school. At the end of the conversation I told the teacher that I was going to bring Gabriella to the Doctor to make sure nothing was wrong and the teacher said that when Gabriella returned to the class she would try to get to the bottom of the problem and I agreed. I also asked that the teacher follow-up with me so that I knew what was going on and didn’t just hear it from my daughter. I thought maybe something larger was happening or someone was  bothering her in the classroom.


The Doctor gave her a clean bill of health so we brought her to school and she cried hysterically. I had to get school nurse to help get Gabriella into the classroom. This behavior made me suspect something was really wrong. When I picked Gabriella up from aftercare I spoke with the aftercare supervisor and she explained that Gabriella told her that the teacher told Gabriella she was lying and that she should not lie to her parents. I started to get a little upset but thought it best to discuss at this point directly with my daughter. She repeated the same thing. She told me that the teacher said that she is lying about her yelling and that she shouldn’t lie. I was concerned with this statement and I wanted to better understand the conversation because I am hoping that my daughter does not lie and maybe misinterpreted what the teacher was trying to communicate with her. I know we all wish that our children are perfect but I pride myself on the fact that Gabriella is brutally honest sometimes too honest and ends up confessing everything about circumstances where she gets in trouble or other actions. I am concerned with Gabriella’s interpretation of this conversation because now she thinks that her teacher thinks she is a liar and I was concerned with the fact that instead of trying to find out what the problem was with Gabriella that from what Gabriella said the teacher called her a liar. I know that it was almost the end of school and I did not want to have this information impact negatively on Gabriella however I was concerned with how my daughter now feels in the classroom.


I waited days before I did anything because I thought that the teacher would follow-up with me as I requested. This never happened. I tried to contact the principal and she did not understand my concerns and thought I was worried about the health of my daughter instead of the environment that she was in. It is unfortunate that this happened and I did not want to continue causing issue and since Gabriella was still doing well in school I paid close attention to the activities and any mention of the teacher. I did not meet with the principal and I regret not meeting with her. We will see what happens this year. We are already not having a good start to the school year but I will make that a new post.


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