First Grade – “Can you give her another chance?”

On the Back to School Night handout that my daughter’s Teacher gave us “Remember- just as your child did not first speaking in full sentences, they will not be able to spell perfectly at first!” what is wrong with this sentence? I think this was either the clue that something was wrong or a confirmation of what my daughter was telling me.


Doesn’t it seem wrong that my daughter is being taught by someone who didn’t proof read the hand out and gave it to parents. I don’t want to argue with anyone or start a fight with the Teacher it’s only the first month of school. We all have jobs where we are expected to perform and prepare for the next day. If I submit a grant proposal with spelling errors it gets rejected and I could lose millions of dollars for my job, if I make a grammar error on an IRB approval letter I could change the meaning of an approval and make the college lose its license to have faculty do research with human subjects.


This error seems to have let to me finding out about how the teacher treats the students in the class. It makes me concerned when I meet the teacher at Back To School Night, she sounds drab, unenthusiastic, annoyed to be there, unconcerned about the classroom and yes I know she was there at 8am that day and I know she has to have a new lesson plan tomorrow but I was at work all day also and ended up working at home the night before so that I could make sure I could leave early so that I can come to back to school night. Two other parents I know have expressed similar experiences about this teacher. There are some teachers that are excellent, however when my daughter comes home hysterically crying telling me the teacher is mean, singles her out when she does something and hates school I know there is something wrong. I spoke to the teacher yesterday about Gabriella’s asthma and when I was done with the conversation the teacher said “and”…… Really so my point about the spelling error seems to have led to a much larger problem and maybe that error was just the first clue. I have to wonder is my daughter a pathological liar or is there a real problem.


I have convinced my daughter to give the teacher “another chance”. What would you have done?

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