How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

This is a question that I did not know the answer to. My parents never specifically told me when to do it and now that I am a mom I never knew the right answer. Last year while in my daughter’s allergist office I asked the doctor because my daughter has terrible allergies. The doctor recommends to wash your sheets every week in hot water. I would not have known that you should also wash them in hot water. Most of my washes are either cold or warm, however the doctor said it is important to wash your sheets in hot water to ensure you are killing any of the bacteria and allergens that have accumulated during the week including dust mites. I find that the most effective laundry detergent is All Free and Clear. The first reason is that it is “Free and Clear” from all allergens and fragrances but it also works really well and gets out all of the stains that my daughter causes when she happens to bring dirt or germs into the bed. So as the doctor says you should wash your sheets and pillow cases once a week to make sure they are clear of any problems and will not cause any aggrevations of any allergies.

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