Ok so as this title implies I attended a Secret Indie Rock Concert this weekend. I found out about it through the Facebook fan Page of LI Pulse. They advertised that there were 10 spots available and I replied to see if I could get a spot. The address was unknown until they told you that you got one of the spots. secretshow_oct11[1]

It all happened in Bellmore, NY and it featured The New Years, Alan Semerdjian, Aeroplane Pageant and Beat Radio. The show was sponsored by LI Pulse and Blue Point Brewery. It was advertised as a concert and when my husband and I put the address in the GPS it showed it was at a school however it was held as a backyard jam at one of the members of BeatRadio’s house. There were approximately 80 people expected and the bands were set up on the back patio of the house. It was a pretty awesome idea to get a Brewery and a Magazine to sponsor a small local event like this supporting local musicians. There was food, drinks and great music. It was cool and I felt hip (I don’t think the word hip is so hip anymore though) for the time I was there. I look forward to attending more shows sponsored by LI Pulse because they know that it is important to sponsor the Long Island region and provide strength by being part of events like this!

All of the bands were great although my family and I were only able to stay for the first two, which were The New Years, and Alan Semerdjian. I was able to listen to some of the songs from the other bands on their bandcamp or band websites which are linked within this post so check them out and buy their songs! I also got to personally speak with Alan Semerdjian and talk to him about his series in the LI Pulse. It was all very cool and a genius idea to get new fans to come listen to your music in a different venue rather than a bar. Kudos to Brian Sendrowitz from Beat Radio who hosted the event in his backyard and coordinated the logistics! The food was awesome too so Kudos to Brian’s wife (who I think made all the food!).

Have you ever been to a secret show?

Too bad I didn’t have my good camera with me. These are the shots I was able to take of The New Years, Alan Semerdjian and Brian Sendrowitz from Beat Radio.




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